Monday, September 24, 2012

We Know You: 2013 Honda Accord Ad

I have always been partial to Honda. When my dad decided I was ready for my first car, I begged him to buy me a Honda SiR (yes, the bright orange one). Up until we sold it just a few weeks ago, it's engine performance remains unmatched by any other sedan in its class. We sold it for a fairly good price too. At more than 12 years old you still have enthusiasts willing to snag one for half of its original amount.

Years went by and I was fortunate enough to drive an Accord. Despite a long-standing crush with the Camry, I decided to go with yet another Honda. I stuck with the brand even if later models were panned by critics for their uninspired styling and almost-bare interiors. I was happy and content sliding in to the Accord's roominess as it drove side-by-side with more current and sexier counterparts.

I have since sold that car too and today drive a German-brand. But anyone who knows me would tell you just how much I desire to go back to my trusty Honda's. The Germans can have their statesmanly reputation. I am perfectly content driving a car that has been as loyal and dependable to me as I have been to it.

Especially when the newest model comes up with an ad like this:

So touching. This ad just about sums up why my heart wanders back to a Honda even if I am told I am driving something "better".

You see, at the end of the day I do not want it to be about the car.

I want it to be about ME.

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